Think Safety

A Safety Workshop for Aviation Professionals

16-18 August, 2018. New Dehli, India

Think Safety

IFATCA - the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations, in partnership with ICAO - the International Civil Aviation Organisation, present the second 'Think Safety' workshop. An aviation safety workshop for aviation professionals who wish to improve their understanding of safety processes, safety culture, and just culture.

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Why Attend The Think Safety Workshop?

The event will focus on the development of a strong safety culture among attendees, primarily operational air traffic controllers, supervisors, ATC managers and associated functions.

The workshop will provide an interactive environment aimed at developing a well-grounded understanding of the relationship between the reporting of incidents, investigations, as just culture, and the development of organisations that learn from errors.

Expected benefits of attending the workshop are:

An improved understanding of safety theories

Participation in detailed discussions on Safety Management Systems (SMS)

An understanding of human factors and incident explanations

A detailed appreciation of just culture & safety culture

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance

Quality Time with Experts

IFATCA in partnership with ICAO have sought some of the most respected members in their field to participate as presenters and moderators.

The presenters have experience in Safety Management and training, and are an integral part of the international ATC community through IFATCA. They have also spent time in the various IFATCA regions and understand the regional difficulties that can arise from time to time.

Please take the time to talk to them.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is aimed at air traffic control personnel, but all aviation related professions are welcome. A diverse group will allow much more in-depth discussions during the sessions.

Professions that should consider attending are those such as:

Operational Air Traffic Controllers

Air Traffic Managers & Supervisors

ATC Investigators

ATC Safety Management Personnel

Civil Aviation Authority Personnel

Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities

Attendance at this workshop is FREE!

A US$20 holding deposit will be taken on registration, and returned to the participants at the meeting.

Join us in New Delhi on 16-18 August and be part of change.


A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a workshop without you!

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Facilitators & Speakers

Well known industry leaders and emerging talents

  • Laursen



    Tom has been an Air Traffic Controller since 1989. He is currently based in Copenhagen and works as en-route controller in the Copenhagen ACC Besides being an ATCO, Tom Laursen holds a master degree in Human Factors in Aviation from the university of Linköping, Sweden and has extensive experience in safety from his work in the safety department of skyguide., where he was Head of Occurrence Management and Deputy Safety Manager. Tom is the current IFATCA EVP Europe.

  • Smoker



    Former UK air traffic controller and NATS safety manger. He is now an academic, teaching and researching Human Factors and System Safety at Lund University in Sweden. Anthony represents IFATCA in several EASA rule-making groups latterly the RP3 Safety Key Performance Indicators working group.

  • Vlasek



    Alfred started his career at Austro Control in June 1996 as Area Controller in the ACC Vienna. He was involved in the project for new ATM System in Austria and as Operational Safety Manager responsible for all changes to the ATM functional system. In the year 2013 he became the Safety Manager of the whole ANS division and there his main responsibilities include the development and integration of System Safety methods and tools into the existing safety management system in line with current and new regulative requirements, as well as the implementation and improvement of the occurrence reporting process including Human Factors and Just Culture activities. He remain in this position until 2017. Alfred completed his master thesis in the field of System Safety and Human Factors under the supervision of Sidney Dekker and the Human Factors Course at the University Southern California. Alfred is currently working as a full time controller in the ACC Vienna, also as OJT and Simulator Instructor.

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A US$20 holding deposit will be taken during registration and returned to participants at the meeting.